Avid、無償版Media Composerを発表。 Media Composer | First

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Avid は今年2015年末に、無償のMedia Composer | First の提供を予定しています。

Avidブログでは無償版Media Composer | First の紹介をされています。

Media Composer | First


With Media Composer | First, you’ll get an easy, free entry into the world of Media Composer. You’ll learn and experience the same basic steps and workflows as the full Media Composer. And you’ll build skills that will help you grow into Media Composer, the tool the pros use.



Avid は NAMM2015 に合わせて無償の Protools | First を発表したばかり。マーケティングの方向性は一緒のようです。




  • Settings—limited and simplified, offering reduced or no customization
  • Menus—offers a subset of the full Media Composer menus
  • Timeline —limited video and audio tracks, with a simplified interface
  • Source/Record Monitors—simplified interface
  • Bins—limited column support, with limited types and number of bins
  • Closed Captions—offers limited functionality
  • LUTs—limited and simplified, offering reduced or no customization
  • Import/Export/AMA—limited and simplified, offering reduced or no customization
  • Titles—basic titles with a few included templates
  • FX—basic effects like PIP, Dissolve, Flip/Flop, offering reduced or no customization
  • Buttons—No re-mapping of buttons
  • Keyboard—Default mapping only, offering reduced or no customization
  • Trim—limited and simplified, offering reduced or no customization
  • Interface—limited and simplified
  • Multicam—limited and simplified
  • Compatibility—Media Composer | First will not work with Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM, MediaCentral | UX, or ISIS systems


さすがに “limited” が目立ちます。InterplayMediaCentral | UXISISなどとの連携はできないようです。

そもそも Media Composer とのプロジェクトファイル互換も持たないようです。

Q. If a friend sends me a standard Media Composer project to work on; can I use Media Composer | First for working on this project?
A. No. You cannot import or export a Media Composer project with Media Composer | First. You can import or export video and audio files.

Media Composer | First FAQより抜粋



ここまで見ると、既存のノンリニア編集ユーザーが手放しで喜ぶことは無いかもですが、Avid は Media Composer | Firstによって制作ワークフローを大きく見直すきっかけにしたいと考えているようです。

Media Composer | First saves all projects to the cloud and includes a limited number of cloud projects and cloud storage, with more project and storage capacity available on the Marketplace.

Media Composer | First not only introduces you to the toolset, it introduces you to the possibilities of the cloud. It saves your projects in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. You can expect to have a variety of ways to collaborate in the cloud, starting with Media Composer | First. Once you’ve learned the ropes, you’ll be able to upgrade to Media Composer, giving you the connectivity tools to fully participate in global collaborative workflows on the Avid MediaCentral Platform.


Media Composer | First は、ログインしてクラウド上にスペースを与えられた中で作業することになるので、Avidが推し進める Avid Everywhere / Avid MediaCentral を検討するもの、とも理解できます。




NAB2015 直前に発表された Media Composer | First は、映像制作のクラウド利用を考えるにあたっての、注目の製品だと思います。




そのうち、クラウド版Mac Pro、なんてなものが現たら、、、それは嫌です。



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